Businesses prefer to hire remote software developers expressly to have broader exposure to a skilled talent pool instead of limiting their horizons within a region or country. On the other hand, some countries also offer competitive cost advantages for remote hiring without putting constraints on quality. 

But since you have a world full of options when hire remote developers you must be meticulously precise in choosing the right talents and follow the time-tested best hiring practices and principles. 

Deal With The Remote Hiring Cons   

While businesses across all niches and sizes hire remote software developers to get advanced onboard skills with sometimes cost advantages to follow, there are some challenges and bottlenecks that you need to be aware of. Here we explain some of these challenges. 

Spotting The Right Talents  

When you hire remote software developers, you always have global exposure. Besides the advantages, such expansive disclosure offers, it is challenging to identify the right talents from such a vast pool. 

Dealing With Different Hiring Channels 

When you hire remote software developers for your project, you need to post jobs in leading job boards mentioning critical skills along with the experience level. But there are too many of them, and picking the right ones and screening through them can be a real challenge. 

Linguistic Barrier  

When you hire remote software developers from countries with a dominant non-English-speaking population, the linguistic barrier can significantly challenge the communication and hiring process. 

Come Up With A Detailed Project Requirement Document 

The most essential and fundamental step before starting your hiring process is creating a detailed and well-articulated Project Requirement Document (PRD) that defines the app idea, business objectives, budget, timeline, and tech stack.

Through a PRD, you have a definitive roadmap for hiring the best developers and managing the project. When combined with a wireframe or simple Proof of Concept, a detailed document can also help present the project to potential investors. 

Understand Where To Identify Developer Talents 

To hire remote software developers for your app project, you need to know the platforms, channels, and resources to target. Here below, we mention a few of them. 

Developer Job Boards 

The well-acclaimed job boards are the most important online channels for identifying skilled developer resources with significant portfolios and experience. Some top job boards include AngelList, CrunchBoard, LinkedIn, RemoteOK, and many others. 

Opt For Top Freelance Professional Platforms 

It is understood that there are many cons when you hire remote software developers on a freelance basis. But small-budget app projects often get benefits by hiring freelance developer professionals if they do it with some necessary checks and balances. 

Social Media Platforms 

Leading social media platforms are also viral for developer searches and job postings. Apart from LinkedIn, you can also opt for other leading social media platforms for finding the right developer talents. 

Target-Specific Coding Languages 

To hire remote software developers, you first need to decide whether your project requires a full-stack developer or a separate front-end developer and back-end developer. In the next level, you need to decide about the programming language skills you need, such as JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, etc. 

When reviewing the programming skills of prospective developers, you need to pay attention to every specific thing you need for your project. It is always better for the long-term objectives to follow the hiring best practices diligently before making hurried decisions. 

Consider Remote Development Experience

Another critical consideration when you hire remote software developers is the years of experience the developers have in remote development. This is well known that remote app projects from developers require collaboration skills and a mindset. This needs to be checked diligently. 

You also need to check whether the remote developer team has sufficient skills and experience with remote collaboration tools starting from Trello, Jira, Basecamp, and several others. You can make a start with developers having no prior experience as well, but there must be at least a couple of experienced developers with remote development exposure. This will give the project its expected balance. 

Dig Deeper Into The Portfolio 

There is hardly any doubt about the importance of project experience that developers present through their app projects. The portfolio is always good for evaluating the skills and knowledge of a development team, and it is also a window to look further into their past track record. But it would be best if you only relied on their portfolio of past projects. Portfolios of past projects only help evaluate their domain expertise and exposure to skills.

Another important way to go further on their experience is to conduct a background check, talk to their previous clients, and understand their experience working with the team when building the app. This will help you have a comprehensive understanding of all the strengths and weaknesses of the development team. 

QA Testing Skills & Best Coding Practices 

When all other evaluations are done, the time is ripe to check their coding skills and how clean code they can write. Since following coding practices is a crucial requirement for successful app projects, you must keep this limit by hiring remote software developers.  

Besides coding skills, experienced developers should also be versed in QA testing skills and tools. Check how they can debug their apps using tools and how well their code syncs with the QA requirements. 

Summing It Up 

All the above points refer to the time-tested best practices for hiring remote developers for app projects. Remote development skills differ slightly from general programming skills as they involve remote collaboration and more responsibilities. You can easily make the most out of remote development with the above practices.