A mobile game, irrespective of the niche, is a source of entertainment for many people. For many years, the mobile gaming industry has been the highest earner among all the apps from diverse niches. If you are interested in gaming, you may already be aspiring to develop an android game app. People mostly choose the Android operating system for building successful mobile game apps, which can allow them to reach a wider audience. 

Do you want the proper technique to develop an android game app? Before you reach out to an Android app development company for guidance and estimates, it is better to learn a little about the Right Technique to develop an android game App. Here we provide a brief guide for your help. 

Start with a killer game idea. 

The core game idea is the most critical aspect that drives success for any gaming app. Leave aside technical considerations and challenges for the time being and focus on the android game app idea before pursuing development. Finding a unique and instantly engaging game idea is something you should invest your focus in the beginning.

How to come up with excellent game app ideas. Here are a few ways to achieve it. 

  • Play many games from your chosen category and understand where they can be tweaked to shape a new game with some value additions. 
  • Ask gamers across different platforms what kind of a game they fondly imagine and want to find. 
  • Take inspiration from graphic novels, action thrillers, and suspense stories and try to figure out these stories in the context of the gaming experience. 
  • Lastly, know how successful game apps utilize popular stories in their games and try to figure out something in that direction. 

Choose a monetization method. 

According to experts, it is wise to choose a monetization method that fits into your game app project as soon as the game idea is figured out. This will give you a direction for the development requirements and investment roadmap. Some of the critical monetization methods for Android game apps include the following. 

  • In-app ads: This monetization method helping you to keep the App free while generating revenue through ads is a successful monetization method that many game app projects choose. 
  • In-app purchases: This method allowing players to play the basic game while the advanced features are locked for them to purchase, is another way to engage more players and make sales to already-engaged gamers. 
  • Freemium: This monetization model allows gamers to play a basic version of the game for free while keeping a premium version that they need to pay for when they want t9 to upgrade their gaming experience. 
  • One-time fee: Some gaming apps also require players to pay a one-time fee to download and play the game. 

Rely on engaging storytelling 

The critical element that makes a game engaging and addictive is storytelling. Storytelling in the context of mobile game development is not just about developing some characters bound through a plot with a shared motive. The story's progression should be interesting enough to keep gamers engaged till the end. 

The most successful storytelling technique for game apps is to shape the journey of game characters in such a way that players always look forward to the unfolding of gaming events. When such an exciting plot goes missing, the game app may find a lot of downloads with a lower volume of long-term users. 

Choose the game engines wisely. 

A game app is primarily built by using sophisticated game engines. In the market, you have a whole array of advanced game engines. But the most successful and dominant ones are Unity and Unreal. Both are great for 2D and 3D game development and offer versatile graphics and animation capabilities. Most importantly, both come with an IDE besides the game engine. 

Whether you need to use sumptuous visuals or graphics for your game project or use interactive gaming features, both of these game development tools allow you to develop an android game app by using simple drag-and-drop actions, the best thing about Unity and Unreal is that they are entirely free and will enable you to customize as per your game project requirements. 

Consider game-builder solutions as well. 

Do you want to build an android game app without being mired too much in technical challenges? Well, there are game builder platforms to help you code minimum while shaping the desired gaming experience per your objective. There are simple 'drag-and-drop tools to help non-coders build a game app with the least effort. 

You are mistaken if you think these drag-and-drop game development tools will only allow the development of simple and easy game apps. Drag and drop tools allow for building high-quality games with complex features and delivering a gaming experience just like Unity or Unreal. For example, GameMaker Studio consistently made its impression in various successful game app projects. 

As per the experience of seasoned game developers on the Android platform, when trying to build a game app for a wider audience and a large number of Android smartphone users across different Android versions and device capabilities, it is always advisable to opt for tried and trusted game engines such as Unity or Unreal. 

Over To You

As a last piece of advice, we must tell you to maintain simplicity for your first game release and then, based upon the feedback of the game players, plan other 'good to have features and value additions. Start developing an android game app with the must-have game features and gaming experience attributes that explain the core value proposition of the game app. Starting simple and humble always opens up scopes for future opportunities driven by player feedback.